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Check our site periodically for future breeding plans. 

We are a small hobby kennel located above Saratoga Lake in upstate New York. Overlake dogs are premium quality show and performance Goldens. Our breeding program is based on the GRCA Code of Ethics, the AKC breed standard and our determination to produce healthy, correct puppies with that terrific Golden temperament.

We are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, the Northeast New York Golden Retriever Club,  and American Kennel Club.        

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Please Note:  While we love the Comments section of the site, it does not provide a way to respond to you.  Litter/Pup inquiries MUST  include your email.

Mark and Barbara Anderson









Welcome to our website

Sushy 15.12.2018 12:44

Wowww this is so wonderful...

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Steven Dearborn 15.10.2018 16:26

Hi :) We are interested in a female golden retriever puppy.Would you please let us know when one is available Tank you

Aimee 30.07.2018 18:56

Hi, my family and I are interested in a female golden puppy. Can you please let me know when a new litter will be available? Thank you, Aimee

Heidi 09.12.2017 17:13

Hello, how are you? I am inquiring about golden retriever puppies. When will a new litter be available?

Rose Podwirny 24.02.2017 02:23

Could you please let us know if you have any puppies, or expecting a litter soon? Also price please. Thank you

Tanya 17.02.2017 03:25

Are there still reservation spots available for the current litter?

Pat Stuart 16.02.2017 01:03

Hi I was wondering if their any female available from your litter of puppies.

Meg Hange 02.02.2017 14:15

Our last two goldens, brother and sister, were the best dogs ever. We're looking for another pair! Do you happen to have two left from this litter?

Kami Wright 30.01.2017 22:47

We have a 12 year old Golden with melanoma:( We have 2 children ages 7 & 11. Looking for female puppy to mend our soon to be broken hearts.

Pat Uliva 28.01.2017 20:39

Hello. Inquiring about your most recent litter…availability, a visit, and price Thank you.

Howard Rennell 14.12.2016 22:34

Just wanted to let you know our female Golden that just turned 5 this month, has been great addition to our life. We are always stopped & asked where we got her

Theresa Moss 14.02.2016 15:41

Have all the puppies been spoken for? Or would any retired adults be available? We would love to add a member to our family.

Tim Devine 14.02.2016 15:26

Have all the male puppies been adopted?

Michele Woods 17.01.2016 20:06

I am looking for a Golden Retriever. Sadly we recently lost our rescue Golden to lymphoma. Hunter was the best dog ever and we look forward to having another.

Shannan Rowley 10.01.2016 22:04

We have been looking for a female Golden for our family. We have 3 children~ 12, 10 & 3. Would you send us any info on you're pricing, etc. Thank You!

Sue Romagnoli 10.01.2016 01:58

Hi. We live near Syracuse and currently have a 5 yr old male golden-he is the king of our castle. We are interested in giving him a brother. more info?

stacy young 02.01.2016 23:23

Hi. We are a family of five on Long Island. Our kids are 12, 16, and 19. We are looking for a golden retriever puppy. Can you give us specifics..thanks!

Brian Croft 04.12.2015 00:45

Hello we have a beautiful female golden retriever and we are looking to breed her. Her name is Elsa and she is 2 years old. We live in Watertown, NY.

Jenna Lord 28.11.2015 23:04

Hi, I'm helping my parents in the search for a golden retriever. They are looking for a male. Would love some more info please.

Linda O' brien 05.10.2015 23:54

I'm interested in your site , the pictures of the puppies are great . We have had 2 female goldens before would love to have another girl.

Emily Kimple 09.05.2015 22:36

I have been following your website for some time, hoping to get a male golden. We have loved two previous Goldens and cannot wait to welcome a new one!!!

Bob Blackman 18.10.2014 23:18

Mark & Barb----

Checking in---our wonderful Molly is almost 3---what a great girl she is...
Are you boarding?--if not can you recommend one?

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Latest comments

07.05 | 01:40

Hi we are looking for a golden retriever puppy and with our large property and family we think that a golden retriever would be the perfect fit.

06.05 | 00:46

Do you have any puppies available soon? If so when would they be available?

05.05 | 12:48

Do you have any puppies available soon?

08.11 | 01:09

My name is Marieann Burnell and my husband and I are looking to adopt a golden retreiver puppy a girl we would like. We had to put our last dog down.